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Greetings Illini Fans!
We are very excited to announce the debut of Courtsider apparel! This is for a limited time only!! The shop will close on October 22 so get your orders in now! This is a one time opportunity for everyone whether you have joined Courtsiders or renewed your membership yet or not! If you have not renewed please do so - I will also attach a copy of the membership brochure to this email!. So far this year we have 48 households signed up - that is great considering that the season has not even started yet! We would like to surpass 100 households this year - Coach Fahey and her staff are out recruiting and working hard in practice and this is what we can do to help build the program. The other thing we can do is show up at games! 
The link is just below this paragraph for the Courtsider apparel shop - it is slick - you order and it gets delivered right to you! You will see a couple of things as you order - it will ask for player name - that is you - you are the player in this arena so just fill in your first and last name. You will be charged shipping, but you will not be charged tax!! You will see a transaction fee - that pays the credit card fees for the company that runs the website, and a processing fee which goes to My Gear for the processing of the order on this software - these are low numbers and you aren't paying tax - so it all washes out! Once the store closes on October 22 give it about 15 days to get your stuff - and then wear it to the first game on November 7 - timing should work out well.
We may open the shop again once the season starts - at that point the link will be a new one and it will go to Courtsider members only - so join now! We already have 7 Team Captains ($1000) in the mix - but rest assured memberships at any level mean a great deal to the team - we just count the number of households that have joined - we know everyone joins at the level they are comfortable with! Let's set a record and go past the 100 mark.
Thank you for your time and your support - now order early and order often - you only have until October 22!

Thank you from the players
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2018-2019 Illini Courtsiders Membership


We are now accepting membership dues for the 2018-2019 season.


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